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Comments on the European Harbour Masters’ Committee’s video:  ‘The Missing Link – Improving the mooring process’

By Simon Wilson, Managing Director, Trelleborg Marine Systems – Docking and Mooring

EHMC's Missing Link Video

The EHMC video’s extremely useful and full of practical reminders for port and vessel staff alike

You might have seen our recent retweets linking to the new video from the European Harbour Masters’ Committee (EHMC) about the mooring process.  As the MD of the docking and mooring division of Trelleborg, obviously, the issues raised in the video were of great interest to me personally.

The video, quite rightly, highlights the importance of a professional mooring operation, and the surprising fact that there is very little information available on mooring lines, winches and bollards, not to mention a lack of international regulations.

The video’s extremely useful and full of practical reminders for port and vessel staff alike.  From information on determining the minimum breaking load of your line, to reinforcing the importance of the basics: for example, the critical nature of good communications between the vessel and the port.  And a perhaps obvious, but nevertheless valuable tip: never stand in the bight of a rope!

It’s refreshing to see that the EHMC recognises the innovative nature of the industry we work in.  At Trelleborg, we’re always working to improve our product offering (although, we happen to think it’s already pretty good!) and constantly seeking innovation is essential to keeping our industry competitive and evolving.  That’s one of the reasons for this blog – to share ideas and knowledge across the industry.

It’s also quite timely for us that the EHMC has released the video now, as we’re working on a Bollard Guide at the moment, to follow on from last year’s Fender Guide.

As the video says, a professional mooring operation means fewer incidents, saves time and money, and cuts down emissions.  The importance of mooring can’t be overstated, and this video is well worth a watch.