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We are delighted to announce that we have launched our fifth annual Barometer Report, which calls on the views of 200 port owners, operators, consulting engineers and contractors.

This year’s report takes a look back over the last five years to see how attitudes to investment, maintenance and quality have changed over time.

In previous years, the Barometer Report has examined the issues helping and hindering port performance over a 12 month period. This year however, we decided to find out how attitudes to investment, maintenance and quality have changed over the last five years.

During this time, ports have had to batten down the hatches in the grips of the recession, and have largely made the most of the situation they were faced with. However, as this year’s report highlights, the mist is beginning to lift, with last year’s anticipated budget boost now materializing. So much so, the majority of port owners and operators have the opportunity to invest more strategically in smart technologies and supplier service in a bid to improve long-term product performance.

One cause for concern though, is that while levels of unscheduled downtime have decreased over time, unscheduled downtime caused by fender damage has increased significantly in the last 12 months. As such, port owners, operators, consultants and contractors need to ensure they are not replacing like-for-like out of habit – but investing in quality solutions that will perform well over a long design life.

As discussed within the latest Barometer Report, supplier expertise should guide procurement decisions, and technology should enable owners and operators to minimize maintenance requirements.

To download the Barometer Report 5, visit:


We’ve recently launched our latest Barometer Report survey, to gather views and opinions from across the industry on a range of issues from investment, to maintenance, to performance and downtime.

So if you’re a port owner, operator, contractor or consultant, we want to hear about your experiences.  By taking ten minutes to complete the survey,  you’ll enter a free draw to win an iPad.

Last year’s report revealed an anticipated boost in investment for facilities around the world, as well as an opportunity for ports to get ahead by investing strategically in smart technologies and supplier service, with a focus on improving long term product performance.

The findings from last years’ report also pointed to the need for more supplier involvement across the whole supply chain. This year, we’re keen to see if suppliers are closing the gap between the maintenance requirements of port owners and operators, and the support that they are able to provide.

And with increasing and varied demands on facilities, such as the anticipated rise in LNG bunkering and ever-growing vessel sizes, we’re particularly keen to see if infrastructure is keeping pace and if facilities have the support they need to evolve accordingly.

To take part in the survey and enter the prize draw to win an iPad, visit:


We’ve recently launch our latest Barometer Report survey, to gather views and opinions from across the industry, covering issues from investment and throughput to maintenance and downtime.

We want to hear about your experiences, good or bad.  Fill out the quick, multiple choice survey and you’re in with a chance to win an Apple iPad.

For the first time, we’re splitting the survey into two distinct groups, one for port owners and operators, and another for contractors and consultants – to explore potential differences in attitudes and opinions between the two.

If you’re a port owner or operator: how’s your port performing?  What do you think are the issues most heavily impacting the industry?

Or if you’re a contractor or consultant, are your client’s keeping pace with rapid change, or have they started to fall behind?


By Scott Smith, Technical Director for Trelleborg Marine Systems

We’re always looking to develop new products, and indeed, find new innovations that will enhance our existing product line so we’re extremely pleased to have recently received patent pending status for our new marine fender load monitoring system.

One of the key findings from our Barometer Report highlighted the high levels of unscheduled downtime in ports and this system was developed in response to this market need to improve efficiency.

The load monitoring system can be used to measure the impact on fenders when a vessel berths, as well as the ongoing force applied as the vessel continues to bear against them. The data collected could prove to be invaluable in avoiding disputes and the costly downtime associated with insurance claims.

The system is such that it can be adapted to suit the needs of the environment it is located in and data can be processed, communicated and transmitted through either wire or wireless means: whichever is more suitable for the environment that particular application.

Additionally, the data collection device itself may be located either directly within the fender, on the jetty, or at a remote location, depending on the needs of the customer. If more than one fender is providing load sensing data, this can be transmitted to a central data collection and processing system. The system is also suitable for retrofitting into existing fenders.

When analysed, the data obtained has the potential to be used in a lot of ways: such as developing a deeper understanding of berthing dynamics, which in turn could assist with future fender and wharf design, and further, feed into the revision of safe and acceptable berthing operations and procedures.

Load data may be used to determine when maintenance is needed, or indeed, a replacement fender is required. In the event of an accident, or a fender failing, the data can even be used to provide information as to why – this is the kind of information that is valuable for assessing insurance claims, and ultimately reducing downtime and increasing efficiencies in ports.


By Richard Hepworth, managing director of Trelleborg Marine Systems

Ports primed for investment surge

It’s immensely pleasing, despite the global downturn, that port owners contractors and consultants are optimistic enough to predict that capital expenditure will rise or at least stay the same over the next 12 months.

At least that was the view of most (55%) decision makers we polled last year as part of a comprehensive market report on the ports, harbours and terminal sector. The Barometer Report, conducted with Port Strategy magazine, also revealed that operational expenditure will remain at current levels or increase with 60% backing this claim.

The apparent optimism is good for the market and good for the economies of the world, which need investment in the global ports to drive trading growth. But I must also sound a note of caution. While the short term outlook is much improved, our research also reveals that these decision makers don’t necessarily expect investment to return to the levels we enjoyed a few years ago. Almost two thirds think it could be less or, at best, static.

The risk of this is only too real. There is a fear that not enough investment will come through to offset the reduction in maintenance we’ve witnessed during the global recession. Ports, harbours and terminals need to embrace the ethos of making adequate investment now to ward off the future costs of downtime.

Trelleborg’s Barometer Report, which details a wide range of findings from the industry survey, is available now as a free download from Takes the Pressure Off.