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By Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation

As Platinum Sponsor, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation will deliver the welcoming address at The LNG Ship/Shore Interface Conference, which will be held in London, UK, 22-23 November 2018.

The LNG Ship/Shore Interface Conference will bring together Europe’s LNG transportation supply chain to discuss ship and terminal operations at the jetty, offshore and bunker station. At the conference, Dave Pendleton, Managing Director of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation in the UK, will deliver the welcoming address and will discuss the importance of businesses investment in innovation, and the critical role that the implementation of innovative solutions plays in the development of global markets. Steve Ward, Technical Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s marine systems operation will also provide a detailed look at a real life case study in LNG bunkering, discussing the challenges met and the lessons learned.

Trelleborg will exhibit its Universal Safety Link (USL), an innovative product that takes the company’s expertise in large scale LNG transfer applications, develops it and applies it to provide an optimized product for the burgeoning and diverse small and mid-scale LNG sectors. Delegates will also be able to learn about Trelleborg’s Ship-Shore Link (SSL) technology that has set the industry standard in large-scale LNG transfer for over 20 years.

Trelleborg will also be exhibiting its USL technology at the Motorship Propulsion and Future Fuels Conference in Hamburg, Germany, 14-16 November 2018. At the conference, which explores the evolution of LNG and other clean, low-flashpoint fuels, Chris Briggs, Technical Sales Engineer at Trelleborg Marine Systems, will take to the stage to discuss the latest in bunkering safety challenges and the importance of compatibility across the industry.

November will also see Trelleborg showcase its Emergency Shutdown Link (ESL) technology for the oil and chemical tanker industry at the 2018 Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference 20 – 21 November) in London, UK, which covers the commercial, operational and technical issues impacting the crude, product and chemical tanker trades.

For more information about Trelleborg’s range of solutions for the LNG industry, visit:–solutions–and–services/ship-shore–links



By Richard Hepworth, President, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation

Sustainability is one of the key challenges facing the marine industry. Being able to implement environmentally-friendly business practices is not simply a tick box exercise, it is a commercial imperative. Organizations of all kinds within our diverse sector are looking to find new ways to improve the efficiency of operations to ensure assets are fully optimized and working in as sustainable a way as possible.

The Green Maritime Forum is an important event in the calendar as it brings together experts who are involved in researching and developing sustainable solutions and enables them to share their latest thinking and breakthroughs with industry stakeholders. Trelleborg is attending this year’s Hamburg-based event and the managing director of our Danish operations, Tommy Gulhammer-Mikkelsen will be giving a talk on the future of ports and piloting, looking in particular at how automation technologies are improving the interface between vessel and port to maximize operational efficiencies.

It is these technological advances that are the key drivers in developing more sustainable maritime solutions. Real-time data capture and analysis, such as that provided by SmartPort by Trelleborg, can significantly improve port and vessel throughput and turnaround which in turn has a positive impact on fuel efficiency. Similarly, we are currently developing an Adaptive Under Keel Clearance system (AKUC) for our customers which will provide real-time measurement and take into account constantly changing environmental factors to potentially enable ships to carry more cargo, save on dredging costs and increase safety.

More efficient operations should create more sustainable operations. Technology is the enabler that can better connect the various elements of the supply chain, establishing a connected eco-system based on common standards that allows traditional and new assets to communicate with each other easily and effectively.

If you are attending the Green Maritime Forum then I’d encourage you to go to Tommy’s session, or to find out more about Trelleborg’s sustainable solutions, visit the website.