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By Richard Hepworth, President, Trelleborg Marine Systems

Port and terminal owners and operators, consultants and contractors are constantly under pressure. Whilst continually adapting to accommodate a changing market – increasing vessel sizes and a broader variety of ships are placing new demands on facilities, not to mention the increasing prevalence of specialised projects. They must also find ways to reduce downtime, improve accountability and ensure that marine environments are safe and operationally efficient.

Our new film highlights just how vital it is, especially in these demanding environments, to use quality materials from reliable suppliers.  Calling on the strength of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing can help to ensure that specifiers procure products and solutions that demonstrate excellence beyond installation.

Aiming to raise awareness about how to get the best value and service throughout the supply chain, the film illustrates the entire fendering and docking and mooring production process, from conceptual design through to manufacture, quality control, testing and after sales care.

Check out the full End-to-End film here.

We’ll also be releasing this film in chapters over the coming weeks, so look out for the detail on “Conceptual Design”, “Docking and Mooring Manufacture”, Fender Manufacture” and finally, “Testing and Aftersales”.


By Richard Hepworth, Managing Director, Trelleborg Marine Systems.

The end of February saw the first global sales conference we’ve had in a while – and it was great to get everyone together to meet each other, swap ideas, discuss their experiences, and have a bit of fun along the way too.

In an industry such as ours, when big purchasing decisions are being made, and in a company such as Trelleborg – where you’re dealing with customers from every corner of the globe, it’s important and a particularly productive use of time to get everyone together when possible.

We heard from our regional directors, who gave us some very interesting insights into their respective parts of the world – it’s remarkable how much the market changes from country to country, and I’m proud to have a sales team that truly understands and is able to fully support the specific needs of the regions they work within.

After an overview of 2011, we looked forward to what we’ve got in store for 2012. A key focus is to continue to enhance the areas that I think set Trelleborg apart – our in-house manufacturing and testing capabilities, which we pride ourselves on and believe to be important contributors to our success so far.

My counterpart from our Docking and Mooring division, Simon Wilson also discussed his products, projects and the markets his team is working within, and it was great to gain a deeper understanding of that side of the business and reflect on how we can work cross functionally to deliver bespoke, full service solutions to our customers.

Managing a global company, particularly one that supplies products of this type – important, mission critical equipment – is a substantial responsibility, and it’s vital that we have the right tools in place to support us, so it was great to hear about the capabilities of our new CRM, and a number of other internal tools being developed that will strengthen our business and processes in 2012.

We’re constantly looking into new systems to refine and enhance our design and engineering process, and we’ve got some exciting developments in the pipeline to help us better support our customers and make sure that Trelleborg Marine Systems continues to evolve and lead the market.

Finally, thank you to everyone that attended the conference – it was great to see you all and catch up on your projects – here’s to a 2012 that surpasses even our expectations!


By Scott Smith, Regional Director (Asia Pacific), Trelleborg Marine Systems

Indian Centre of Excellence

Trelleborg Marine Systems' newly expanded Indian Centre of Excellence

India West – an online portal for the global Indian community – this week reported that the country’s population still dominates science and engineering with Indian-born US migrants making up the vast majority of graduates in these specialisms (43.1%).

Asia has long been held up for its engineering excellence – with China coming in a close second – so it’s no surprise that global enterprises committed to keeping at the forefront of technical excellence have invested in a strong presence in the region.

Trelleborg has benefitted from a dedicated design and engineering centre in India since 2009 – a resource that is heavily relied upon by the Marine Systems division and other product areas within the Trelleborg Engineered Systems group. Indeed, the centre has become so crucial to our competitive standing as a complete ‘cradle to grave’ supplier that we’ve recently moved to new premises to centralise and expand our unique engineering and design set-up.

While we boast some level of in-house expertise at our regional offices, the more detailed engineering design, modelling and analysis aspects are now sent to the new Indian Centre of Excellence in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, for further progression. Here the business is split into two areas.  The first is engineering and design support for Trelleborg’s worldwide offices – covering Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, India, Dubai, the USA and Europe – and the second focuses on regional sales into India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

We have very high expectations for the performance of the improved engineering and design centre as a market leading offering – not least because, while our competitors choose to outsource their engineering and manufacturing requirements and thereby relinquish some degree of control, having our capabilities centralised in this way means we can maintain watertight quality right through the supply chain. Moreover, it enables us to drive cost efficiencies, improve collaboration and encourage cross fertilisation of ideas across our global offices.

If you’re a port owner, contractor or consultant interested in seeing this unique facility for yourself we’d be happy to give you the guided tour – leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.