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We place such an emphasis on the benefits of in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capability because it’s so important to constantly look for ways to develop new and innovative systems that respond to port needs and enhance operational efficiency.

So, we are extremely pleased to announce that our innovative new DFM (design for maintenance) Fender System, which utilises removable sliding panels to significantly reduce the time taken to complete a fender wear pad change-out, has received patent pending status.

The system allows the sliding panels to be easily lifted out of the frontal frame and replacements reinserted within two hours – reducing downtime on the berth and keeping operations running in a timely fashion.

The original sliding panels can then be transported onshore for maintenance and have their UHMWPE wear pads replaced, ready to be used as spares for the next fender wear pad change-out operation.

The system also reduces the safety risks associated with completing the pad replacement work from a workboat.  The downtime experienced when using a maintenance scaffold system to complete the same task is very much reduced too.

We’ve already successfully implemented the new system in three projects to date. One of which involved the refurbishment of two berths as part of a major terminal expansion at one of the world’s top five largest bulk handling ports in Australia.