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Monthly Archives: May 2018


By Mishra Kumar, Global Technical Director at Trelleborg’s marine systems operation

We are committed to customer-centric development of our products and services – and we’re also committed to digital innovation, as evidenced by our SmartPort platform.

This commitment to digital innovation goes beyond the work we’re doing on site in global ports and terminals, though. We know there are huge opportunities to increase efficiencies across the sector in desk based work too.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce we’ve just launched a series of updates to our online fender selection tool. The updated tool encompasses a number of enhanced features, designed to allow specifiers to select and specify the most appropriate fender for their application.

In addition to an existing vessel berthing Energy Calculator and Fender Selection Tool, the tool’s new capabilities include:

  • A Fender Specification Generator
  • A Bollard Specification Generator
  • A Fender System Selector for Ship-to-Ship Applications

The online tool allows users to ensure fender selection meets required berthing energy specifications and has been developed in accordance with PIANC guidelines and British Standards, to ensure best in class, compliant solutions. Users receive a number of fender system options, allowing them to further refine their inputs using different filters to arrive at the most appropriate solution.

To explore the tool, visit:–tool/fender–tools




By Scott Smith, President of Marine Technology at Trelleborg’s marine systems operation

Trelleborg has a longstanding association with PIANC. It’s a relationship we value highly. It’s essential to us to share knowledge with and support the industry body that guides standards across the board. We continue to place great importance on the role PIANC plays in the industry as a facilitator of shared best practice, knowledge and expertise between stakeholders.

This spirit of collaboration is critical to our industry’s success – and it will only become more so – and is something I recently talked about at PIANC’s recent Singapore Technical Conference (April 19).

Collaboration has evolved. Hypercollaboration is the order of the day: a more collaborative approach is the only way to enable the information sharing necessary to empower the revolution the marine industry needs. We have to act quickly and be aware that key to this will be collaboration between all stakeholders, acceptance of new technologies and deep customer understanding.

We can evolve by looking at what we as the marine sector already have that shipping does not. Asset data. Performance data. Data that will allow us to implement efficiencies that shipping companies, so far, would not be able to.

At Trelleborg, we are focusing a lot of effort on making use of the data we can collect, not just from our own traditional suite of products – but also from other third party assets, be that ships or other port equipment. To do this we are having to develop standards and protocols for collecting data and storing data.

We have a robust and versatile technology platform that can be tailored to overcome pain points such as berth congestion and weather limitations, to name a few, that a facility is facing. SmartPort by Trelleborg, realizes the critical interface between ship and port, on land and at sea. This gives Trelleborg a unique overview of the ‘vessel turnaround’ process, and data extraction points throughout it – both on board the vessel and in the port, and in the interface between the two. Trelleborg is seeking to educate the marine industry about the importance and potential of this interface.

SmartPort by Trelleborg connects port operations, allowing users to analyze asset performance and apply data insights, to improve day-to-day decision making for optimized operations; improved safety, reduced costs, greater sustainability and increased revenue return.




By Richard Hepworth, President, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced, high accuracy piloting and navigation solutions for offshore and pilotage applications, I am delighted to reveal that we will be exhibiting at the United Kingdom Maritime Pilots Association’s members only 130th Annual Conference, held at the Mercure Holland Hotel in Bristol on 23 May.

We’ll be exhibiting SafePilot, our flagship product within the category. This new generation of navigation and piloting software is designed by a dedicated team of software programmers working closely together with worldwide working pilots. The result is the most professional and user friendly PPU (Portable Pilot Unit) software. A touch screen interface allows quick interaction to make piloting smoother. The instant zoom function and new intelligent chart structure improves response and decision-making times, giving pilots greater control and accuracy in maneuver.

SafePilot can also be connected to a server allowing for integration with other assets to generate more robust insights to inform port services. This facilitates greater pilot control and more accurate piloting & navigational manoeuvres.

SafePilot is part of SmartPort by Trelleborg, our answer to the need for a standardized way to collect and use data. It’s a technology platform that connects disparate port operations, allowing users to analyze asset performance and apply data insights, to improve day-to-day decision making for optimized operations; improved safety, reduced costs, greater sustainability and increased revenue return.

To find out more, visit Trelleborg at the 2018 UKMPA Conference.