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By Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation

Trelleborg showcased its Seatechnik™ Universal Safety Link (USL) at the 2nd International LNG Congress (28 – 29 November), an innovative product that takes the company’s expertise in large scale applications and applies it to an optimized product for the burgeoning small-scale LNG sector.

Small-scale LNG transfer, whether ship-to-shore or offshore ship-to-ship, is in its relative infancy in terms of the development of infrastructure to meet increasing supply and demand. However, as the market has developed over the past decade, so too has new thinking around innovative means to transfer LNG. The onus has been on finding solutions that strike the balance between new means to improve operability and maintaining the highest safety standards.

The safe control and operation of small scale LNG transfers and fuelling pose special challenges, and the drive for a Ship-Shore Link (SSL) of increased functionality in an assured compatibility package is secured with the USL.

Some of the key benefits of the system include automatic shutdown through an intrinsically safe Emergency Shutdown (ESD) backup system, assured inter-compatibility throughout the small-scale and fuelling supply chain, as well as in-built system test and diagnostics.





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