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I am delighted to announce that we have recently received the patent for our ‘Slide in, Slide out’ or ‘SISO’ fender system, which is now in operation in Dampier, Western Australia, as well as at a number of other sites across the region.

Innovation at Trelleborg is always centred on the needs of our customers. For the marine operation, this means looking for ways to help ports operate more efficiently. We were able to develop the innovative new fender system completely in-house in response to a customer need to reduce customers’ maintenance time, downtime and save money over the long term.

By utilizing removable sliding panels we are able to significantly reduce the time taken to complete a fender wear pad change-out, increasing efficiency and improving port safety.

In the example of the site in Dampier, each fender module was hoisted into the correct orientation upon arrival and simply bolted onto the supporting dolphin headstock structure.  In removing the final assembly process offsite, we were able to significantly reduce both time and labour costs. In addition, the time taken to assemble each fender module to the dolphin structure was cut down too.

To reduce operational downtime further during the installation and retro-fitting, we supplied fully assembled fender modules, each comprising of a SISO frontal frame, SCN2000 super cone fender rubber and fender support panel, with operational chain systems connected and secured in place before shipping.

Unlike typical fender frame systems, in our latest system, the UHMWPE wear pads are bolted onto two stainless steel removable panels. These panels are then inserted into a guide rail on the front face of the fixed frontal frame.

The sliding panels can then be easily lifted out of the frontal frame and replacements reinserted when required within two hours, reducing downtime on the berth.

The original panels can then be transported onshore for maintenance and have their UHWMPE wear pads replaced, ready to be used as spares for the next fender wear pad change-out operation.

Our innovative system also reduces the safety risks associated with completing pad replacement from a workboat as all activities are undertaken from the berth.

To find out more about Trelleborg’s new SISO fender system, visit:


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