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Our latest Barometer Reports have given us some really interesting insights into the state of play in our industry today.  However, this year we wanted to go one step further and get an in-depth understanding of some of the specific issues raised. Our presence at the PIANC World Congress 2014 provided the ideal opportunity to do just that.

With so many industry influencers in one place, we took the opportunity to host an hour-long roundtable at the event, bringing together a number of key stakeholders to discuss a range of market issues based on the findings from the latest Barometer Reports.

And now, we’re delighted to launch the roundtable film with the theme “Lack of routine maintenance and investments affecting port performance”. After condensing the film, we’ve decided to split the key highlights into three short chapters: chapter one – “An Evolving Industry”, chapter two – “Using the Right Technology” and chapter three – “An Educated Supply Chain”.

Chapter one, which is now live on the MarineInsights YouTube channel, focuses on how to improve port performance after years of underinvestment. With the Barometer Report revealing that 98% of consultants and contractors expect capital and operational expenditure budgets to increase, the overall picture is optimistic.

However, as we discuss in chapter one, spending these increased budgets strategically is what will really help ports to increase efficiencies. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment, with many clients concerned with upfront purchase costs, rather than prioritising whole life value.

This attitude may have been understandable whilst we were suffering the effects of an economic downturn. However, with budgets expected to get a boost, attitudes towards procurement need to change accordingly, so that facilities don’t just waste more money on low quality solutions.

Keep an eye out for chapter two, which explores the need to regulate the market to guarantee the quality of port equipment, and chapter three which discusses how greater cooperation can practically enable efficiencies throughout the supply chain. All chapters will be published on the MarineInsights YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

To view chapter one of the Port Performance Roundtable film, visit:

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