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We recently showcased The USL is a truly innovative product that takes our expertise in large scale applications and applies it to an optimised product for the burgeoning small-scale LNG sector.

The safe control and operation of small scale LNG transfers and fueling pose special challenges, and the drive for a ship-shore link (SSL) of increased functionality in an assured compatibility package was secured with the USL.

Some of the key benefits of the system include automatic shutdown through an intrinsically safe Emergency Shutdown (ESD) backup system, assured inter-compatibility throughout the small-scale and fuelling supply chain, as well as in-built system test and diagnostics.

When connected to a receiving tank or vessel, the USL automatically configures itself to display the process conditions on board the remote receiving tank or vessel to the operator. This enables the operator to carefully manage the connected system, especially where LNG residue has “aged” and is warmer than fresh LNG, and adjust flow rates to avoid nuisance ESD trips or safety valve discharges.

The USL8810 allows a single operator to monitor both sides of the transfer process, and provides main and backup safety link systems for LNG transfer, as recommended by ISO 28460.

The USL, along with out new Compact Series of Quick Release Hooks (QRH) seemed to create a lot of interest at Gastech, and we received some great feedback on both products that will allow us to evolve them even further. We look forward to sharing more information with you as and when we can.

In the meantime, thanks to all for a great Gastech – look forward to the next one! If we missed you, you can find more information on our new USL, and all the other products we had on stand at–Gas-Transfer-Technology/Gastech-2014/

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