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Monthly Archives: April 2013


The beginning of March saw our Project Management and Technical Conference in Phuket, Thailand, which provided a great opportunity to share best practice by getting everyone together in one place.  Working as a global team, I think it’s important to come together regularly to align our objectives and make sure we are working to each others highest standards.

We shared some interesting commercial and technical challenges facing each of the regions in which we operate; as well as some of the key findings of our latest rubber technology research, which investigated the difference in performance between high quality and low cost fenders.

We also had a very exciting introduction to our newly acquired company, SeaTechnik and I firmly believe that having them onboard will bolster and expand our berthing, docking and mooring offering, building on our specialism in LNG and taking us towards offering a “one-stop-shop” for LNG projects.

We enjoyed a series of interesting presentations from our legal counsel, discussing the importance of contract review and risk management, our Vice President of Purchasing provided us with his thoughts on purchasing excellence and best practice; as we were joined by Andreas Brunlof from McKinsey who provided us with his take on project management excellence.

We even found the time to head into Patong to get a feel for the local culture and more importantly apply what we have learn’t – negotiating with the locals for the sale of gifts to take home for family and friends!  Negotiation is the key to what we do here at Trelleborg, not simply from a sales perspective but also from a procurement one too.  We are striving to make our organisation as lean and flexible as possible, with effective procurement giving us the opportunity to pass cost savings on to our customers.

Finally, thank you to those that attended – it was great to see you all and I thoroughly look forward to seeing you all again soon at the next one!


Richard Hepworth, Managing Director, Trelleborg Marine Systems

Some of my colleagues will be attending the Port and Terminal Technology Conference in Virginia this week. The conference explores the latest developments, issues, trends and technology affecting ports and terminals around the globe, so it’s a great platform to meet with the wider industry and share ideas and best practice.

At the conference, my colleague Mishra Kumar will present a technical paper, “Applying the right correction factors” discussing the importance of applying the right Velocity Correction Factor (VCF) and Temperature Correction Factor (TCF) when specifying marine fenders.

Rubber type and compound formulation undoubtedly have a dramatic impact on the performance and lifecycle of fender systems. It’s essential that specifiers understand the difference that low quality compounds can have on performance – and the impact that rubber type and formulation have on VCF and TCF.

Last year, it’s safe to say we really put our money where our mouth is and delved in depth on the difference between high quality and low cost fenders. Having developed new analytical and chemical tests to determine fender composition, we found some dramatic differences between two fenders which were claimed to be designed to the same specification.

The paper Mishra will be presenting at the conference builds on that work and discusses the impact that these differing formulations have on VCF and TCF – which can’t be applied correctly unless the rubber compound and formulation are properly understood.