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Monthly Archives: November 2012


It’s safe to say that here at Trelleborg, we are consistently raising the bar for the industry and with another record breaking contract win in the bag, we have gone and done so again.

After working closely on the deal for a number of months, we are thrilled to announce the news that we have successfully secured the largest ever foam fender contract in terms of size and value in history, for France’s largest port, and will be supplying 39 of the Port of Marseille’s quays, a fantastic coup, showcasing our breadth of expertise across a range of different materials and wide ranging solutions.

Thanks to our superior technical offering, 100 percent compliance to the specification and the ability to perform and verify extensive material and cyclic testing, this contract win further strengthens our belief that there’s no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution.

Procurement decision makers need to work with manufacturers like ourselves that can offer rounded, full service solutions to meet the specific needs of their projects without cutting corners.

Considering that we were earlier in the year awarded the largest ever order for rubber fenders for the new port in Doha, Qatar, we’re proud to be an industry leader across a range of different materials and solutions.

I would personally like to extend my congratulations to each and every individual, whose efforts have contributed to yet another remarkable contract win, adding to what has already proved to be an excellent year for Trelleborg – and long may it continue!

To download Trelleborg’s new Foam Fenders Mini Guide, click here.


By Richard Hepworth, Managing Director, Trelleborg Marine Systems

Despite our history in rubber technology, we’re keen to raise awareness in the market of the viable alternative that foam can offer when specifying fender systems, as it’s essential that decision makers are aware of the options available to them, and find the right solutions for specific projects, on a case by case basis.

Although rubber fenders remain the go-to solution for many, who may be keen to stick with the status quo or specify rubber out of habit, decision makers need to know there is a choice to make, and that rubber might not be the right option for certain projects.

Of course, rubber fenders do remain the preferred solution for a number of applications, but the durability and versatility of lightweight foam fenders, as well as potential cost savings, lower maintenance requirements and simpler installation, make them a real contender in many project specifications where they might be overlooked.

Our new ‘Mini Guide to Foam Fenders’ features a new ‘Fender Selector’ tool, which aims to guide decision makers towards the right solution for their project.

To download Trelleborg’s new Foam Fenders Mini Guide, click here.