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By Richard Hepworth, Managing Director, Trelleborg Marine Systems.

It’s essential that port owners and operators can have confidence in the products they procure, and the reassurance that they have been through thorough and robust testing procedures.

As evidence of this 90% of respondents in our Barometer Report believe that both lab and full scale testing is important in the manufacture of docking and mooring products.

However, I remain concerned that the industry might just be paying lip service to the importance of testing, as, despite these encouraging results, it appears that good intentions are not necessarily translating into best practice.

How so? Well, a quarter of respondents also admit to being concerned only with price rather than where a product comes from.

As PIANC documentation for is not regulated, it’s important to check all paperwork carefully and ask suppliers for clarification over PIANC type approvals. Situations have occurred where compliance has been claimed for all of a supplier’s factories, processes and products when only one location or component of a product range meets the criteria. Don’t risk throwing good money after bad by procuring solely on the basis of price – make sure you’re getting the best possible product over its service life.

Short-cutting on quality and maintenance is a risky game to play.

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  1. Not to mention potential civil and/or criminal liability if corners are cut to save a few dollars and things go wrong.

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